Summer Schedule
April 12th through October 1st
Member's Play All day
Public All day
Men's League #1 tee priority 4:00 to 6:00 PM
Member's Play All day
Special Day Ladies' Day
Morning League Sole Priority to tees until 1:00 PM
Member's Play All other times throughout the day
Member's Play During times course is virtually empty
Member's Play All day, Officially Men's Day
Public 'Y' League priority #1 tee 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM
Member's Play All day
Public All day
Member's Play All day
Public All day
Member's Play All day, subject to tournaments
Member's Play Open at any time after October 1st
Public Same times as summer play
All schedules are subject to Board approval, Committee scheduled events and tournaments. Subject to change at any time for any reason, as the Senior pro-shop attendant on duty shall have complete authority to allow, or disallow play due to course conditions, pace of play and be able to close course and practice range for weather, darkness, lack of play or any other reason. No player shall be allowed on the golf course unless their dues are paid, or they have paid appropriate green fees.

At NO times are beverages or food to be brought onto Eaton Country Club Property, without prior approval of the Board.

Violators will be asked to leave.